Guide to Renting

Leasing a property can be an exciting as well as stressful time. Here is some information that will hopefully help you through the process:

Want you want

Determine what it is that you really want and need in a new property. Sometimes what we think we want is not really what we need! Prioritise your needs as you may not find everything in one property.


It is important and a requirement with Exclusively Property that you inspect the property before you apply for it. You really do need to see what is included and the condition of the property.


Once you have found the right place, you will need to submit an application form and the required documentation. All persons (over 18) wanting to reside in the property must submit a separate application form. Required documentation is outlined on the form and will include items such as identification and payslips.


Once you are accepted, you will need to pay one weeks rent as deposit. The deposit will hold the property for you, and the funds will go towards your initial payment. If you do not proceed with the lease, you will lose the deposit.

Initial PaymentGuide for Renting

Before signing your lease, you will need to pay 2 weeks rent in advance and 4 weeks bond (minus the deposit).

Signing the Lease

You will need to sign the standard Residential Tenancy Agreement. The amount of rent and length of lease will be agreed upon before you enter in to the lease. If you have any questions about the lease – you should ask them before you enter into it!

Condition Report

You will be issued with 2 copies of the condition report – which outlines the condition of each room and the fixture and fittings provided. You will have 7 days to add any comments of your own, then one completed copy must be returned to Exclusively Property.


You will issued with keys and any other openers to the property. You should seek permission if you would like to change the locks during your tenancy, and then you must provide a copy of the new key/s to Exclusively Property within 7 days


It is pretty simple – you must pay your rent on time during your tenancy! We provide several methods of payment to make this easy for you.


You must seek permission from Exclusively Property before making any changes to the property.


Pets are not allowed to be kept at your new rental home unless agreed to before entering into the tenancy agreement and a pet agreement has been entered into.


You should report any repairs to Exclusively Property as soon as you notice something needs maintenance.

Routine Inspections

Exclusively Property will carry out regular inspections throughout your tenancy to ensure the property is being appropriately maintained. We may take photographs during these inspections.