Pets and Rental Properties

Written by: T. Richardson

As a landlord, should you allow pets in your rental property? What are the pros and cons?

Tenants may present with a variety of pets - dogs and cats are the most common. Over the years we have seen some really unusual pets such as mice, ferrets, and snakes...

Dogs are a really common pet for tenants of houses. Dogs come with a long list of reasons why you may choose not to allow them: they bark, chew, ruin the grass, bring fleas and can leave a bad smell...

Cats are sometimes preferred as they can be quieter, but can stain the carpets, and tear fly screens.

It all sounds bad so far... but most pet owners are actually good pet owners and take care of their pet and home. The main reason that you may consider allowing pets in your rental property is that they can come with really great tenants.Pets and Rental Properties

If the rental property is in a strata scheme the by-laws will determine if pets are allowed in the complex. Every strata scheme is different and will have rules in relation to the keeping of pets. Some say no pets, some define which pets may be kept, some allow pets upon application.

There are clauses in the tenancy agreement that outline the keeping of pets. It will ultimately be the landlords decision if pets are allowed (subject to by-laws).

The tenancy agreement will state whether pets have been agreed to or not. If a tenant is allowed to keep a pet we will define further as the amount, type and breed of the pet/s as well as other conditions. The tenancy agreement also requires the tenant to professionally clean the carpets and fumigate the property upon vacating if they have kept pets.

If a tenant is found to be keeping a pet without permission, the landlord can allow them to keep it, give them time to remove the pet, or issue a termination notice for breach of lease.

Not every property is suitable for pets and not all landlords are comfortable with pets. We will respect your decision when it comes to pets and help select the best tenant for you!

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