Does Your Pool Comply with NSW Laws?

Written by: T. Richardson

If you have property with a swimming or spa pool; you’re probably well aware by now of the need to obtain a certificate of compliance to sell or lease the property after 29 April 2015.Does your Pool comply with NSW laws?

You could be forgiven for thinking that April seems a long way off… 
But it’s worth keeping in mind that, with the number of inspections and work required, it can take around 3 months or longer to obtain a certificate of compliance.

Avoid the rush – if you have a property with a pool, make sure you are starting the process now to arrange your compliance certificate.

Otherwise you might find yourself paying a premium for fencing, gates or any other work you might need done if a tenant moves out unexpectedly after 29 April 2015.

More information about the sale and lease requirements of pools is available from Fair Trading’s Swimming pools page.

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