Buying Tips

What you Want

Determine what it is that you really want and need in a new property. Sometimes what we think we want is not really what we need! Prioritise your needs as you may not find everything in one property.


Make sure you have consulted a financial institution if you need to borrow funds. This will ensure that you know exactly how much you can spend. It is best to have your borrowing approved before looking at properties.

Professional help

You can enlist the services of Exclusively Property to act as your Buyers Agent – we will do all the searching for you! Or you could register your interest with us and you will be alerted when a match come up.


It is important to have a thorough inspection of the properties you are interested in. You need to imagine yourself living there (or your tenant). Check the local amenities as well to make sure you are close to facilities you m ay need like transport, schools, parks etc.

Buying Tips


It is in your best interest to obtain certain reports to help in your decision to purchase. These reports may include pest and building, survey reports, valuations, strata searches etc.

Making an Offer

If you are happy with your find, you will submit an offer of purchase! The vendor may accept or decline you r offer, or come back with a counter offer. If buying at auction you should familiarise your self with the different purchasing process.

Legal Advice

You may choose to appoint a solicitor or conveyancer to act on your behalf in the legal process of purchasing the property.

Contract and Deposit

Once your offer has been approved, you will be required to sign the contract for sale and pay the deposit (usually10% of the purchase price).


There will be a period of time before the property is transferred into your ownership. This is when you can pack and make plans for your move! We have several checklists which may help you through this process.